In my opinion the transformation of the Georgia Tech article to a song plus an interview successfully managed to transmit the information conveyed in the first one in an easier and fun way that brought a bigger amount of receptors to the same information. As students we knew more than anyone that this information posted in a scientific article was not appealing to the Georgia Tech’s student body, so we decided to take the exact same information and transform it into a funny rap followed by a gracious interview that conveyed the information at the same time it entertained our audience. This is why the genre chosen by our group perfectly accommodated our purpose: It made a heavy to read information easily understandable to any Georgia Tech student, and even more important more appealing to the student eye. During this project we worked in equal parts, and even though we all were part of the whole creation process each one had a specific task. Mine was to create and conduct the interview that followed the song. I personally enjoyed taking care of it, it was hard to create sarcastic jokes that actually could made the audience but once we started recording some of them just flowed by improvising. Our group mainly faced problems doing the song since we had to actually make scientific facts rime to the rhythm of a known song. In conclusion I think we managed to accomplish the goal of this project and sincerely wouldn’t make any change to our project.