We live in a world where at any given time a natural catastrophe can change the lives of an entire country in just minutes. And compared to the strength of natural forces we are nothing more than a fragile and helpless host in this planet. These thoughts came to my mind as I read The New Yorker’s article “The Really Big One” An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest, by Kathryn Schulz. According to scientific calculations (that even though are never 100% accurate try to approximate reality as much as they can) the United States Northwest area is years past a major catastrophe that will literally change the lives of everyone living on this planet. Do you think that’s exaggerated? Let’s take a look.

First of all, the simple fact that thousands of people will die and millions will be somehow affected by this natural disaster should be worrying enough. But let’s say that for a second you thought “Well I don’t live close to that area and I simply don’t care about the life of anyone how is not directly related to me”. The thing is that in this globalized world we are all related in one single aspect: the economy. So no matter how misanthropy you think you are if the United States’ Northwest is wiped out by a natural disaster of this magnitude, the repercussions will extend to every single citizen of every single country.

The even more troubling part is how unprepared for an event this catastrophic the people of the Northwest are, and how little this problem is talked about. Only if the general awareness for this event can be raised and the discussion can be brought to the big table of policy making, some lives can hopefully be saved.




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