A Vision of the Future

Have you ever noticed that every scientific discovery throughout history always follows the same, or a very similar, story: A visionary man (or woman) comes up with a new idea, this idea is rejected by We the public, the idea ends up working, people slowly start using this idea until it becomes an universal and common thing. Some of the most famous examples can be Nikola Tesla’s alternating current, Thomas Edison’s light bulb and Steve Jobs’ home computer.

This happens because it is part of the human behavior to be afraid of the unknown, to reject the new and innovative and to simply get used to what seems “normal”. Nevertheless, every so often the world of science faces a dramatic shift like the three examples previously presented where an incredible idea is brought to life by a brilliant person who struggles against the vast majority rejection to finally improve the life of others.

But these breakthroughs are not only part of history they are also happening right know as I write this and also as you are reading it. One of the most recent ones is the Electric Vehicle, which invention is not necessarily new but the introduction of this technology to the market is definitely something that has just began. So what is the problem you may ask? well as I explained before, we are the problem or at least a group of members of our society. The technology exist, it has been proved that it works and it is even less expensive than a fuel vehicle aside of the fact that it is better for the environment! But still yet EVs only represent about the 5% of the total annual car sales.

I personally believe that this will turn out exactly as it has before, the society will eventually accept EVs as a necessity and all of this discussion will be in the past. The only problem is that our planet’s well being depends on it and if we don’t do something about it there may not be a future at all for us…



One thought on “A Vision of the Future”

  1. While I enjoyed reading your commentary, this post does not refer to or even touch on one of the texts you were required to discuss this week. Please refer to the syllabus for the course to determine how to receive credit for blog posts.


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